Thursday, March 5, 2009

My daily drive

The first ten miles of my drive every day is a flat state highway through farmland. However,the last four miles I turn onto a township blacktop. This 4 miles is the best part of my daily commute.

It's fun to watch the change in seasons along this road. I always look forward to wildflowers in the summer and leaves changing in autumn.
Right now, it's a little drab but the creek area is still beautiful with the ice and snow hanging along the banks.

Spring must be on it's way. The geese are back! They certainly can't be wrong, can they?

Soon the trees will start to bud and all will be green again.

Of course, a country road isn't complete without varmints.
The one and only deer I ever hit was on this road at the same spot this picture was taken. There must have been a couple dozen of the darn things out there the other night. I prefer not to hunt with my car but the deer and wild turkey sometimes make it easier than I'd like.

Are there wildlife induced accident where you live? What varmints are cars attracted to in your neck of the woods?


  1. Oh my husband would love all those deer and turkey. He would be in heaven. Thanks for visiting me. Happy belated birthday. I loved your birthday story about your twins. Wow, I had 4 children but could not imagine twins!

  2. We have many deer, right here in our neighborhood.... in our yard, on the road... too many of them. One was hit by a car not too far down the road from us. We hear turkey in the woods behind our home too. Have never seen any of them on the road though.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. Hi Lori!
    I loved all the pictures. I will love it even more when everything turns green and we can ride those roads on two wheels!

    It sounds like this weekend, God will be 'watering the plants and flowers', but that's ok. Soon the buds and blooms will begin!

    Be blessed, and have a wonderful weekend. Say hello to Dan for us.
    Michelle and Louie

  4. We have all the same varmits as you say. Many of them are in our back yard here at the mission. Our chocolate Lab loves to chase the ducks, deer and turkey. Of course, most of the men here would love to have them close by. It looks as if your country roads look much like ours. The ducks are back on our ponds and the finches are gathering heavy aroundthe feeders. we are seeing all the birds back on the scene. I hope Spring is here! thanks for all the pics. I really enjoy your blog both the pics and the writings.

  5. Deer are a real menace in some parts of Arkansas. Back in the mid 80s I commuted one hour to take a class and one night coming home I counted upwareds of 60 deer on the side of the road. Now that's scary when you know that at any moment one of them might decide to join you! blessings, marlene

  6. We have a lot of moose in NH and hitting one of them can be deadly. Other than that there are about a billion squirrels here that I seem to always hit.