Saturday, April 12, 2008

28 years!

Today is our anniversary! 28 years ago today we were married. It was a cool and sunny spring day (50's) but not as cold as today, nor was it snowing like today. However, the day after our wedding we received 6" of snow overnight.
The past 28 years have been quite a ride full of ups and downs, "for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health." In fact, if you would have told me at year 15 we would still be together I wouldn't have believed you, but we've hung in there and are ever the more blessed for doing so.

Looking back, we've been extremely blessed to be able to have done a number of things in the past 28 years, not the least of these being...
  • raised 3 wonderful sons
  • started a business
  • changed occupations a few times (me)
  • maintained lasting friendships
  • taken vacations to and through the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginias, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana and Canada by plane, train, truck, car and motorcycle.
  • taken a number of short-term mission trips to Cherokee, NC and New Orleans, LA together and Dan to Mexico, Honduras & Venezuela
  • maintained many more lasting relationships from across the country through these trips.
  • lost 85 pounds - gained 15 back but still trying. :(
  • camped too many weekends to count - one of our favorite spots being Yellow River State Forest in NE Iowa. We haven't been there for a number of years. I think it's time to go, lay on the road and look at the stars again!
  • sadly, buried my mom & dad and Dan's dad
  • had a motorcycle, bought a different motorcycle, kids came along, sold the motorcycle, kids grew up and moved out, 20 years later bought another motorcycle and ride, ride , ride remodeled portions of a house
  • weathered storms in the literal sense, as well as spiritually, physically and emotionally
  • built a house
  • dealt with health issues (mainly me) including thyroid cancer
  • changed churches a couple of times
  • watched two sons get married to wonderful young women and I (Lori) got to be best man for one of them. How cool is that?
  • became grandparents to a beautiful granddaughter and again in the next week or two to a grandson
  • researched property to purchase for a move to Tennessee
  • owned and sold numerous vehicles :) I can't even count them anymore. It's pretty crazy. Now it's motorcycles..we have 2 or 3 tore apart in the garage as I write.
  • praised the Lord for allowing adventures to take place in our lives, spiritually, physically, vocationally and recreationally.

Now, we're off in a hour or so to a dinner theatre at the Quad Cities and an overnight stay at a B&B to celebrate! Gotta go pack! Have a great weekend!


  1. happy anniversary! sounds like you had a fantastic weekend away

  2. Happy Anniversary . . . a little late. This post is so touching and left me a little misty eyed!

    28 years. Wow! Your an inspiration. We will celebrate 12 years in a few weeks.