Monday, September 1, 2014

August gardening

I went outside one night this weekend to do a little walkabout and snap a few pictures.  The flowers always look so nice this time of year.  
Never mind that when I shut the door I forgot it was locked and DH was in the shower. walkabout was a little longer than intended because I couldn't get back in the house.  So was does any good wife do, go pound on the bathroom window until he gets out of the shower and drips through the house to unlock the door for me.

But I digress...
The bees are lovin' these sedum!  There were so many that you could hear the buzzing from feet away.

From our front porch

Our basil has went crazy and just keep producing this year.

The tomatoes are finally ripening.  So far I've made salsa and spaghetti sauce.  Looks like there will be MUCH more or both to be canned this week.

This dinner bell came from my Dad's family years ago.  It's a great way to call DH for lunch when he's down in the shed.  The grandkids love to play with it and ring it as well.

No matter what we've done, something keeps eating the collard greens.  They've stripped some of the plants bare!  We've gotten a couple of small pickings off of them this year but DH is crying "uncle" now.  We're just gonna buy them in the store. Hrmph!

I've missed being able to be out in the garden, pulling weeds and messing with plants this summer.  DH has been trying to keep up but we're very behind.  Maybe we'll have everything cleaned up and ready by the time the snow flies.  Whatdaya think?

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