Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day weekend 2014 randomness

Here's a few Labor Day weekend helmet cam pics and other randomness

Why do flies gravitate towards the screens when it's raining?  Do they really care if it's raining?  Inquiring minds want to know.

I tried out a new scone recipe this past week - Zucchini Cherry Scones.  Loved them!


When we went to see our new grandson after he was born the end of July, we stumbled across a new winery.  Of course, we had to stop.  We had to buy a bottle of this, if for nothing else, the name.  "Schilttenfahrt".  When you see that word, what do you think it means?The Bavarian owner of the winery says it means "sleigh ride" but we still got the giggles.  

And the last but not least piece of randomness...when in the world did pillowcases get so darned expensive?  I did a little shopping over the weekend and wanted to pick up a package of pillowcases.  I looked at two different department stores... $39, $48, $56 & $69???  Seriously???  They aren't made out of cashmere for goodness sake!  Think I'll make my own!

btw...I still haven't figured out how to get my editing rights back on blogspot so I can't change anything on my sidebar or approve comments.  When I figure this out, I'll approve all of the comments you've been sending for the last few posts.  If you have any pointers on how to get my admin rights back, I'd love to here them.  I can still see your comments in my email but can't do anything with them on the blog.  Craziness!

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