Monday, August 18, 2014

Recent Projects

I was reminded this afternoon that I haven't posted any project posts for a while. So here goes.

We were blessed with a new grandson, Mace, the end of July.  All grandkids get a quilt from Grandma.  Isn't that a rule somewhere if you have a quilter Grandma?

Mace Lucas's quilt

We are also expecting a new granddaughter any day.  This is Avriel Kiersten's quilt.  It is actually more red than this picture looks.  (disregard the unpainted deck railing- I haven't gotten to that level of the to-do- list just yet)

A certain grandgirl needed a library/gym bag.  I cheated on this and used a white ready-made canvas bag from Hobby Lobby and added the ruffles.  I thought it turned our really cute but have I ever mentioned how much I dislike making ruffles? No?  Well, I dislike making ruffles.

Big sister liked the bag so what else can a Grandma do?  Round 2!  And since Big Sister was here at the time I decided to make the bag, she was able to pick out her own fabrics from my stash and how she wanted them laid out on the bag.

 And their Mom liked the bags and had a birthday coming up.  Today, to be exact, (Happy Birthday Heidi!) so I worked up a messenger bag for her this weekend.  I didn't cheat on this one with a ready made tho.  I used a Burda pattern I found at Jo-Anns.  I've never used a Burda pattern before and maybe it was just this particular one, but their directions leave a bit to be desired.  Just sayin.  However, the bag turned out great.
And I do have to admit as much as I am not a "ruffle girl", I could even carry something like this.  

Really liked the big black flower button.  Love the fabrics and how it turned out.  All of the fabrics but the one with circles came from Moda's Little Black Dress Basic Gray line. The circle fabric was from Jo-Ann Fabrics. what should the next project be?  So many options!


  1. Love, love, love the baby quilts! Mace's quilt is very modern with all of the white and that super cool binding. Avriel's quilt is quite feminine. I'm sure they will love them too! The bags are adorable. I'm not a ruffle girl and I hate making ruffles but I think even I could carry Heidi's bag. ~Jeanne

  2. Very beautiful quilts and bags! JoAnns is a great place to shop for fabric!

  3. I've used those Hobby Lobby bags several times and they always turn out cute Lori, but like you I'm not a fan of making ruffles. However, yesterday I made a new project with lots of ruffles just because despite hating making them ruffles can add so much. The quilts are adorable and yes every grandbaby deserves a quilt! blessings, marlene

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