Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I couldn’t hardly believe it when I looked at the last post date and it’s been two weeks since I’ve blogged.

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks for sure.

A few highlights…

A bloggy friend get together at Tanners Orchard in Speer, Illinois.
From left: Shelly, you know me Smile, Debbie, Joyce, Sue(no blog yet but we keep encouraging her) and Michelle.

Most of the these ladies I get to see on a regular basis, but Michelle and Debbie are special occasion friends due to the distance between us.  It was a fun morning of shopping, shivering, eating, shivering, and chatting and shivering.  Yeah, it was a mighty cold morning.  The table we’re sitting at in the picture above was right under the heater. Smile

The morning after our get together, DH, myself and 3 others left for Hackleburg, Alabama, where we served doing tornado cleanup back in May (you can read about it here)to work with the organization Eight Days of Hope.
In the span of 8 days, they expected to have 1400 volunteers on the ground in Hackleburg and Smithville, Mississippi rebuilding homes and churches.  We participated for three of the eight days and were able to help on a new home for the Galloway family. 
The Galloway family worked alongside us in May on the church even though they had lost so much themselves. True servants.

We arrived home in time to attend our annual church conference and so happy we did.  What an encouraging time, as well as a few well deserved proverbial kicks in the spiritual pants. Smile

Sunday was a day spent catching up around the house.


Doesn’t everyone dust the tops of the cupboards with an air compressor?  No? You ought to try it sometime.  Just make sure you’ve done no other cleaning first because you’ll have to do it all over again once the dust settles. :/

This week it’s back to my real job to rest! Smile


  1. You have been busy! I really appreciate all the work you and your hubby do to help those in need. Of course, you looked like you had a little fun with your blog friends. Blessings!

  2. Glad you had a great week but really glad you are home again. No, I've never dusted with an air compressor! But you sure have shiny cabinets. :)

  3. Glad you are back. As I've told you before, I am so proud of you and Dan for all you do. I so enjoyed being a part of your get-together, and no, I have never seen dusting done with an air compressor before. I don't have open cabinets like that...wish I did, but I HAVE lots of times dusted with a can of compressed air!

    Enjoy resting up.