Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Susan’s “25 days of photos” challenge

I’ve been neglecting this poor little ol’ blog something terrible lately so when Susan from This Day came up with the 25 days of photos challenge, I thought why not?  Maybe it’ll get me back in the blogging swing again.

I can’t promise I’ll post all 25 items. 
I mean really?  a hippopotamus?  Susan, my girl, what were you thinking? Smile 
But I’m going to give it a whirl and see what happens with it.  Some days I may post only a photo and other days may have a story to go along with it.

Why don’t you join in and play along?  Don’t feel you have to have a big fancy camera.  The one I use is just a little point and shoot, so you can’t use that excuse.  It will just be fun to see what others come up.  Think about it but don’t think too long as the challenge starts tomorrow!  December 1st already!  Only 24 more days to get my projects done.  Yikes!

Here’s Susan’s list…

  1. Something Red
  2. A list
  3. The Christmas tree
  4. Presents wrapped under the tree
  5. Something warm and tasty
  6. A candy cane, or five
  7. A wreath with a red bow
  8. Stamped and addressed Christmas cards
  9. Santa Claus
  10. Away in a manger
  11. Ribbons and bows
  12. Something sticky
  13. Reindeer
  14. A decked hall
  15. Silver bells
  16. A hippopotamus
  17. Under the mistletoe
  18. A cup of cheer
  19. Toys in every store
  20. A winter wonderland
  21. Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
  22. Holiday greetings
  23. A shining star
  24. Children, sleeping
  25. The number “25”.

Now to think of something red for tomorrow.  hmmm…


  1. Fun! A hippo....I've got a fischer price one if you want ;)

  2. I love the idea! I may have to jump in and join this, love, love, the house covered in snow.....Blessings!