Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful for family and friends

Thanksgiving weekend – oh how I love a four day weekend!  The beauty of working in an educational institution and not retail.  That being said, I feel really sorry for the employees of retail establishments that have to now work on Thanksgiving Day for petes sake.  As if Black Friday isn’t enough?  Do stores really need to be open on Thanksgiving Day or for that matter, do stores even need to open at midnight or 4am on the day after?  When did Black Friday turn into a competitive sport anyway?  I would bet there could be the same amount of shopping done if they didn’t all open until 9am on Black Friday but what do I know?  (sorry – rant over.  I really didn’t intend to go there but it just started flowing) I for one prefer Cyber Monday where I can sit in the comfort of my home at the computer and shop to my hearts content.

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything that I could try and make up for lost time and go back and hit the highlights of the last three weeks but I can’t even think about what we all did or what I would have to say so let’s just start with Thanksgiving weekend.

The family part:
Dinner on Thanksgiving Day was at our house with ham as the main course (no turkey here-not a fave) and some requested favorites such as sweet potato casserole, spinach cheese dip, cheezy potatoes(by SIL Sue), deviled eggs (ala DIL Heidi - she makes the absolute best) & pumpkin pie to name a few.   Add to that pecan pie(by nephew Nathan), cranberry crunch and cream puff cake as well as some rockin’ brown sugar green beans (thanks to Marlene’s recipe) and homemade artisan bread.  There was way too much food but isn’t that part of what Thanksgiving is about?  Plus, I love me some leftovers.  I didn’t cook all weekend until Sunday dinner.

Our guests were our immediate family, DH’s brothers family and DH’s mom.  It was such a blessing to have DH’s mom, Gloria with us.  Three weeks ago we were told she wouldn’t live more than a couple of days.  The day after all the family was called in she snapped out of it!  Just look at her now! (with some adorable great-grandchildren – not that I’m partial to these three or anything Smile )

Nov 2012 (4)

Amazing turn around! 

On Friday, these three cuties spent the day with me while Mom & Dad worked and on Saturday I went to their house and helped back and decorate Christmas cookies.  It was great to spend so much time with family.

The friends part:
(to be continued)


  1. The picture of Dan's mom and your cutie pie grandkids is one that will always say 'Miracle' to me. I still can't get over it. I am just so happy for you all!

  2. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! So glad Gloria was there. I love the leftovers - so nice not to cook for a couple of days. How about sending me that brown sugar green beans recipe? It sounds interesting. ~Jeanne

  3. So thankful for the recovery of your MIL. We aren't big turkey fans either, I made chicken and shredded it in the dressing. We love it like that. Handyman keeps telling me we still have cranberry sauce in the fridge! Yes those are darling little grandchildren. I too will be getting one next year! :D

  4. Yummy!! What a great photo of Gr-Grandma & the littles. She looks fantastic!

  5. What a way to celebrate! Gloria looks wonderful!