Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Madison Quilt Expo

Last Friday, some friends and I crossed the cheddar curtain (into Wisconsin) and attended the Madison Quilt Expo.

I’ve never been to a show of this size and it did not disappoint on the “overwhelming” scale! 

Oddly enough, we spent almost all of our time there looking at the what seemed like hundreds of vendor booths and just a couple of minutes looking at actual quilts in the show and most of those were in the entrance hallway.

On top of that, I took very few pictures.  I hardly had the camera out of my pocket.  What was up with that???

These are just a few of the things we saw that interested me.

This one absolutely amazed me.  All the detail and the itsy bitsy people pieces.  I enjoyed looking but it won’t be on my to-do list.  I’m thinking this is way higher on the patience level than I go.  IMG_7807

I really liked the colors and shading in this one although there is something about the tree that reminds me of an Scooby Doo cartoon where the tree jumps up and runs after them. Smile


This is a little busy for my taste but liked the colors and especially the wonky trees.  Wonky trees may be in my future.

IMG_7810  I really liked this wool runner.  I didn’t buy the kit though as realism set in and knew that it was more in depth than what I have time for right now.


I fell in love with this line of fabric.  It’s wintery not Christmasy.  Not crazy about the silhouette animals but all the other fabrics are right up my sewing machine!  I bought what I could at the show and now have to find the rest.  It’s Bernatex Montana Modern from last Christmas so technically it’s not available unless someone still has last years stock.  This quilt shop said they had some.  I just haven’t called them yet.


See how good it’s going to look in our sunroom?  Smile


Between this and the other projects I came home with, I’ll stay busy most of the winter for sure.


  1. Your fabrics are beautiful. I think we have some of the same tastes. The ones you said were too busy, were too busy for me too. I want the FAST simple quilts. Too much detail scares me. Of course, if I don't sew SOMETHING soon, I may loose my ranking as Quilter.

  2. Isn't the Madison Quilt Expo nice? I didn't make it this year but I do love going - so much to see and so much inspiration! I am so glad that you finally got there! ~ Jeanne

  3. I so wanted to go to the expo...My classes in Madison didn't match up. Love your fabric as well. Try Quiltshops.com--- that way... multiple shops are searched on line.

  4. Thanks for the ride along . . .sometimes us bloggers have better things to do than take pictures. LOL