Sunday, September 4, 2011

A chilly Sunday evening ride

The past few days we’ve seen 90+ degree temps but today it feels like fall with highs in the low 70’s and high 40’s for the overnight.

We love to ride in the fall when there is a crispness to the air and tonight did not disappoint.

Soybean fields are starting to turn yellow.  Some of the plants have even dropped their leaves already.  It won’t be long and the combines will be running.

Cattle were grazing in the pasture instead of chillaxin’ under a tree trying to stay out of the heat.

Road closed?  That doesn’t mean us does it?  Apparently DH didn’t get that message.
Tonight will probably be the one and only time we’ll ever have Hwy 2 to ourselves.

We could actually take a minute to enjoy the view of the river.  Sure am glad the county deputies were off doing something else and not patrolling for goofy motorcyclist that can’t seem to read road closure signs.   How about you…are you a rule breaker or a rule follower?  just wonderin’.  Winking smile

We saw some of our friends badly storm and hail damaged corn.  Yikes!

And we enjoyed a beautiful sunset!  Then promptly came home and took a hot shower to warm up.  Smile

Hoping your Sunday was just as wonderful!


  1. Nice pictures. I am definitely a rule follower. Glad you didn't get caught.

  2. How impressive, riding and shooting pictures!
    Look like a beautiful ride.