Saturday, September 3, 2011

I can see clearly now…

the angle is better

with the help of my very own design board. 


DH is so good to me. I mentioned I would like a design wall to be able to eyeball block placement better.  He dug around in his bag of tricks and came up with a piece of 1” Styrofoam, that we covered with white flannel.  DH screwed it to the wall and wallah!  I can see my projects so much better straight-on than on a table top. It’s not huge but big enough, (about 4’ x 3’) to see most placings.

Thank you DH!


  1. DH are great! What a gift! Love it!

  2. Way to go!! Love the blocks. :)

  3. Your blocks are awesome, and your design wall is too. Yep, those hubbies are good!

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  4. Love the quilts blocks--- definitely my colors.....