Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard residue

A few more pictures of our blizzard which has called Snowmagedon, Blizzila and numerous other names I’m sure that aren’t appropriate for ink on paper.

These were taken Wednesday morning as the storm was winding down.

See the dark spot up the road on the right?  That was a service van.  I’m not sure how long it had been there.  When we went to bed, we couldn’t see anything past our garage, let alone our neighbors.  That’s how we gauge things out here in the rural areas when it comes to storms or fog…if we can see the neighbors or not? 

When I got up at 4am I saw a vehicle with flashers on.  Then when I got up the second time – a few hours later – SNOW DAY!, the flashers were off so am guessing the battery died by then. It might have been sitting there all night, but we couldn’t see it.  This road (a state highway) was closed down by 7pm Tuesday night.  There are State roads today that are still impassable, let alone all the secondary roads.


The snow was over and the sun had come out but it was still blowing & drifting everywhere.


This is what we do around here when the state plows haven’t been by, people take matters into their own hands.  There was a huge drift across the curve and our neighbor took his skid loader and cleared it off the road.


There’s a driveway in there somewhere…


We even had to scoop out the shed.  With the wind out of the east, it made a real mess of things.


DH is 6’ 4” tall and this drift was almost as tall as he is.


And the clean-up begins…



We have a Snow Day again today so I’m hoping to get to the sewing room after lunch.  Yesterday was spent de-Christmastizing the rest of the house.   Yes sir, Winter?  I am so over you!


  1. Jim's been outside for over 2 hrs plowing, shoveling and making oh so little head way! Doesn't help that it's Freeeeezing!

  2. It's gonna be July before we see the earth again. And probably the schools might still be in session then too!
    Keep warm.

  3. Great pictures! We had sun today but snow is in the forecast again Saturday. I really can't think about that today : )

  4. Now that is a snow storm. We never have snow like that around here. I hope you stay safe and warm. I am sure you guys were well prepared. The pics will really be something to look back at. Blessings!

  5. I loved seeing all the pictures. If we had got that much snow I would be over it too. Wow. That is amazing. Hope you stay warm and safe.