Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis the season…

We had our 2nd annual Miller cookie baking day over Thanksgiving weekend.  We didn’t have all the help we did last year but still had a good time. 

The grands enjoyed the process more than ever before.  Take a look at Mr. O’s shirt.  Check out the flour all over it!  He was getting in to the rolling and cutting for sure.

IMG_5250 He didn’t back away from the frosting and sampling much either this year


nor did his sister, Miss A.   They both had so much fun!  Thanks Heidi for suggesting last year that we do this every year.


We also had our family Christmas last weekend.  It was so nice getting up early Sunday morning and seeing all the vehicles in the driveway representing who was home. 

IMG_5289 We have the luxury of seeing Jon & Heidi quite a bit since they live close but the other two guys, we don’t see near enough of. 

Look who rode his motorcycle home!  DH & I are pretty die hard riders but I have my limitations and 25 degrees is definitely within those limitations!    It was 25 when he came home but his trip back was in the 40’s.  That must have felt like a heat wave!  and all to be home for “Christmas” at Thanksgiving.  IMG_5309

So from the Miller family to your family….have a joyous Christmas season! IMG_5303


  1. Oh how I love baking cookies with the grand-boy. Such precious memories you are creating with your grands! Ok, it is too stinkin cold to be ridin a motorcycle. It has to be above 50 for me to ride. Yep. I'm a sissy. Don't even care who thinks so. ahaha. Except on New Years Day. We do a short polar bear run as long as the roads are dry. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas season. Blessings, SusanD

  2. When we were young (and more than slightly stupid) we'd ride the bike whenever the roads were clear! Burrrr--wHaT were we thinking?!?

    Love, as always, the grands--adorable!

  3. You have a great looking family! What fun to have the family make Christmas cookies together. We'd ice and decorate the cookies. It was a lot of fun then, too! And to see all the vehicles representing your family members...I need a tissue!

  4. This was so have a cute family. I love the cookie baking with the kids...such a nice tradition!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. What wonderful Christmas memories you are making!!!! Your family is lovely. Christmas blessings to you too!

  6. A lovely family. I can imagine all the fun you had with the grands. Cherish those memories.

  7. It's always so much more fun to bake cookies with kids! The sad thing is that I'm the one who always has the most flour all over her. I just can't seem to be neat with it!

    You have a beautiful family!

  8. How sweet! Literally!! Love the family picture... was hoping to find one. :)

  9. how absolutely precious!! i love family times together!! my mom is making sweet baking memories with my kids, too...nothing like baking with grandma!!

  10. Awesome!! I had my grandkids spend the night last night & we did our cookies. They always have a blast.

  11. Such wonderful family photos, Lori! Your home also looks so inviting and warm. :)

    And by the way, I totally forgot to thank you for that wonderful bookmark you sent my way in your note...I use it every day! So...thank you very much. :)