Saturday, December 11, 2010

and so it begins…

Winter has come to Northwest Illinois.  Snow and frigid temps are on tap.

The snow has already started with great big flakes.   IMG_5376 So pretty but…..


sub zero temps and wild winds are due later tonight along with our first Blizzard Warning of the winter.

We have to go out tonight but once we get home,
IMG_5382we’re hunkerin’ down by the corn burner (& sewing machine) until Monday morning!


  1. I'm already hunkered down. No going out tonight as our highway is already not drivable. :\

    Wishing I had a corn burner...

  2. I know people in the north say nooooo, but I long for snow sometimes. It's been so long since we had a real snow here and I don't want it very often but just once or twice...sigh. blessings, marlene

  3. I long for snow too. It's easy for me to say though as I don't have to live in it day to day like you do. Stay warm and be careful.

  4. Originally we were supposed to get some snow this weekend but today it was 45, not exactly snow weather.

    Enjoy...sounds lovely as long as there is no where to go!

  5. Bleck! We're out for the count---stocked up on soup, candy cane oreos and lots of cocoa--bring it on!

  6. Our weather is a changin'!
    65 yesterday. 21 now, suppose to be 6 on Monday with a wind chill of -17. And we are just now getting flurries for the first time. not sure but I think 2-4 inches are possible.

  7. We are in Gatlinburg tenn. in the smokey mtns. and they are saying 6-8 inches is coming here. I hope to get snowed in!!!! It looks very cold there.

  8. I meant to ask you what is a corn burner!!!?

  9. Suppose to get anywhere from 6-12 inches here in Eastern Ky! The snow is falling and the temps are supposed to be falling too. I have my Grandkids here and we are prepared to hunker down too! Blessings!

  10. We're in southwestern VA and receiving the same storm; it's beautiful but deadly. The temps are back into double digits but winds are bringing the chill down to single and below. Thankfully, the horses and sheep have plenty of hay and water so outside chores are minimal.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  11. Your header is beautiful! Is that your house? Hope you guys are staying in and staying warm and safe.
    We had a little snow did not mount to much but it has been pretty cold.
    until next time... nel