Thursday, December 23, 2010

Catching up…

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since the 15th!  Well, actually, I can believe it and wow, can time get away before I even realize it.

I’m not even sure where to start but I’ll try and work my way through everything.

My work place has an annual Holiday Walk which usually takes place at the end of finals week.  Each building on campus puts on the ritz and sets out all kinds of scrumptious food and we wander from building to building and pretty much stuff ourselves sick.  It’s alot of fun, really it is!

Our building usually tries to have a theme.  This year we did “A Miser Christmas” and people dressed up like the heat miser, snow miser, Santa and Mrs. Claus and elves. We had a blast, as usual, putting on the show. 


Don’t they look great?


Mr. & Mrs. Claus


Me & my buddy Santa - complete with his conversational props.   There’s just a tad bit of warped-ness (is that a word?) in the area where I work.  Can you tell?

IMG_5367   I don’t think we’ll ever top the year we did “A Redneck Christmas” but we sure have fun trying.


  1. love it....Santa with a sense of humor...

  2. It's a special treat when you have good friends to work with! Merry Christmas and blessings, marlene