Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A sure sign of nice weather

Last week while visiting our son's family in a town near here, we took a walk to the park with the grandkids.  I had to smile when I saw the scene below.

What a typical small town midwestern scene, especially now that the weather has turned nice again. 
Tired of being cooped up in the winter and field not quite started yet, it's a bunch of local farm boys just hangin' out. 

Notice the mode of transportation for most of them.  You would think we live in the midwest or something, wouldn't ya?  And what is it about backing in to the parking spot?  We used to do it all the time too.  Maybe it was to show our 'new driver' expertise using reverse. :)

It sure brought back memories for me of growing up in small town Illinois.  On nice evenings, we would all congregate in town.  The location varied but we'd all find each other somehow.  It didn't take long as the town only had a pop. of 1200.  We would sit and shoot the breeze for hours it seemed.   It's how gossip news was heard and weekend plans were made.

Did you have a favorite hangout when you were growing up?  What was the common mode of transportation where you were from? 


  1. i grew up in a small town in wyo. we used to drag main and sit in the parking lot of a grocery store. i'm sure now it would be outlawed to loiter! glad spring has come your way. today we had sun, yesterday snow.

  2. We never had any certain parking spot--somebody's house or farm. By senior year, I was so sick of that town and everyone in it that all I could think about was getting out---funny 'cause now after 13 years 2 of my best friends where part of that group!

  3. Oh yes we always hung out in the school yard.....those were wonderful times and I only grew to appreciate them as I got older.
    .......:-) Hugs

  4. I spent my school years in a small town in Texas. We called the road that ran thru the middle 'the drag'. If anyone was fortunate enough to have a car or the use of their parents' car, they would drive through town and turn around and drive back. We had a 'dairy queen', so you got a coke. The idea was to see who else was out cruisin. Not much going on there.

  5. I still back into my parking space at work...for a fast getaway! =-)