Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday question of the day???

Question of the Day for today is ….

Do you have a typical Sunday evening supper? Or in your area of the country it might be called Sunday evening "dinner".

When I was growing up we almost always had a big Sunday dinner (roast beef or chicken, something pretty substantial with all the fixin’s) so Sunday evening supper usually consisted of popcorn, cold cereal, etc.

After DH & I were married, he “thought” he needed a meal on Sunday nights which took a little getting used to for me. As the kids were born, Sunday night became pizza night, usually homemade but once in a while our favorite pizzeria.

Now, that the kids are gone, we’re back to “what to do” for Sunday night supper. Last night, DH baked a piece of fish and nuked a baked potato. I wasn’t exceptionally hungry so I didn’t have much of anything. I certainly didn’t want fish. Ewww – not a fish eater! There is just something about those slimy things swimming through the water. I just can’t do it. Give me a good ol’ steer whose been stomping through his own manure and I’m happy.

I just don’t think about Sunday night suppers much and if I do it’s usually something pretty simple.

What do you do? Do you have a traditional Sunday night food?


  1. I believe Sunday dinners are a thing of the past.. Since my husband is a Pastor, I always try to put something in the pot so it will be ready after church. When My kids were home and younger I always prepared a "big" meal and invited several from our church to join. boy, how I miss the fellowship around the dinner table.

  2. We always ate a big lunch on Sundays growing up and I tend to still think that way.

    We had our big meal at lunch yesterday and hubs made us omelets for dinner. Perfect. We often have eggs for Sunday evening supper.

  3. Well, I hate to cook...period. Louie 'finds' us something to eat most times, either cooking, or picking it up somewhere.

    As for Sunday evenings, we have no schedule, and sometimes, it depends on how dead tired we are. Sometimes we just eat whatever, and sometimes we might not eat anything.

    When I was a kid, and after my oldest brother left home, (and it might have been before that too?), at 6pm on Sunday evenings, we would all sit on the floor in front of the tv, watch the Wonderful World of Disney, and have a bowl of soup. There were 6 of us kids, and mom and my stepdad. Mom bought a half gallon of ice cream each Friday night when she grocery shopped for the week, and she would peel the cardboard box off the ice cream, cut it lengthwise down the center, then cut it into 4ths so we all would get an equal chunk of ice cream.(8 pieces) I would always be the last one to finish my ice cream, because I would have to 'mash' it, and then stir it until it was like 'soft serve'. I called it 'witch's brew'
    Hmmm..wonder where I came up with that name.

    Thanks for the memories!

  4. Jim grew up with popcorn on Sundays...we occasionally did it. Jim's always made popcorn for us...the big pot on the stove, the rattling and about comfort food!

  5. Sunday's are for roast beef and yorkshire pudding and have been for many years, Friday nights were always pizza night. It is funny how we develope habits which becomes traditions such as Monday is always wash day......:-) Hugs

  6. Sunday nights at our house are "whatever you can find" nights! blessings, marlene

  7. it's YO-YO @ my house...
    your on your own.
    I always have leftovers that can be combined, tweaked, etc.
    We also enjoy sometimes throwing together a quick breakfast for supper...
    :) yes, I am a jawja girl and have lived here all my life and dinner for us is 'lunch on sunday' :)

  8. When I was a kid, we frequently had egg-in-a-hole for Sunday night supper ... usually before running out the door for youth group.

    Now it is more leftovers... aka I'm not cookin', find something! :)

  9. Interesting question and answers. As a kid, Sunday was just another day of the week. My Mom tended to cook sturdy breakfasts and 2 dinners every day. We kids packed our school lunches. My husband was accustomed to Sunday dinner at noon and popcorn evenings. We did this for years --until popcorn became not good for our health. Now, more likely than not, DH doesn't eat. I scrounge for whatever the fridge will offer. I miss popcorn. :-)

  10. As a kid, it was always something simple. For the last couple of years, Greg and I have grilled cheeseburgers and baked fries for Sunday dinner. A little splurge!

  11. Sundays as a kid, we always had fried chicken or roast beef at noon. That evening, we'd have popcorn and Pepsi while watching Bonanza.
    Thanks for bringing those memories back!

    Sundays now we have a lot of BBQ in nice weather. Cold weather it's usually homemade soup.

  12. We graze. On whatever is left over from lunch or grill cheese. Usually a lite meal because we've all stuffed up at lunch time. We usually get hungry kind of late and don't want a heavy meal. I guess we're Sunday nite snackers:D