Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ideas needed...

Only a few more days to go until my giveaway is over. I'm still hoping for some more ideas on holiday decorating from all of you in blogland! Don't forget to chime in.


  1. One more thought ... votive candles in old fruit jars (or new fruits jars) always add a lovely glow to a home especially during the holidays. Could you fit that into your porch decor?


  2. Oooh I love the votive candless idea in fruit jars. I may have to borrow that one. Just wanted you to know I added your give away to my blog on my sidebar.

  3. I love all of the ideas so far! I'd just add a couple of quilts on the railing ....

  4. Your home is beautiful. I could see simple pine wreaths hung from red velvet ribbon at each window. Maybe a candle in all the windows as well. Fresh pine roping around the doorway with tiny twinkle lights woven thru would be wonderful. Sometimes less is just as beautiful as a bunch.

    What a wondeful reason to be decorating your home. My father and oldest sister are both cancer survivors. God is capable of all things big and small.

    Blessings and Good Luck

  5. I think you should dress up Dan as either Santa, or a snowman and set him out there! Hee hee! Sorry, that's the best I can do!

  6. Hi Lori! Thanks for asking about Moms Unite. If you go to my main page today, you can see a listing of shops that signed up to be a part of our Shopping Guide.

    And scroll down to my second post for a giveaway too!