Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A couple of days later than hoped for

A couple of days later than hoped but our new Grandson's quilt top is finished and ready to go to the quilter. My son (his daddy) picked out the yellow construction fabric and I built the rest of the fabrics around it. His room is browns and blues.

I love to layout and piece quilts, but the actual quilting is not my thing. A good friend of mine, Jeanne, started me quilting and tried to start me at hand quilting. The hand quilting was a definite no-go! It takes too long -- I know, the purpose of it isn't supposed to be speed, but projects have to move faster than that for me. Plsu, I get frustrated trying to quilt projects of any size on my old sewing machine, so off to the quilter it goes! Pat told me if I got it to her by early April she would have it back to me in time to put the binding on for the baby's arrival in early May. I'm crossing my fingers.

Now onto another project..his Mommy needs a new cover for the changing table and a new boppy cover so I think that's next. Dan is out of town for the next few days so when I get home from work I've been sewing uninterrupted. It's lonely but my time sure has been productive.

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