Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ankle update, a bit of helmet-cam and other randonmess

Good gravy!  It's been almost a month since I've posted.  So much for keeping up with my blog goal.

I am still in the boot but am up to full weight on my foot now.  I still use one crutch if I have any distance to walk but it's progressing.  When this all started and the doc said 4 - 6 months, I was like, "ok, it's do-able" but now that's it's become a reality, it's a different story and I am ready to be done!  I started physical therapy on Friday which will help me move along to normal so I'm all for it.  The constant appointments will be a drag but if it means progress I'm good.  I can transition to a supportive shoe in a couple of weeks with orthotics around the house and to a shoe full time by the end of August.  I go back to the doc on Sept 3 and my goal is to walk in with a regular shoe without assistance.  

Since I am up to full weight I can now get on/off the motorcycle again.  It's a bit awkward and I've gotten some strange looks with my big orthopedic boot but it's so nice to be back behind the hubby again going for a ride.

Here's a few helmet cams from the last two weeks...

Love this old barn just down the road from us.  Praying it never blows down athough I'm not sure what's still holding it up. 

On our way to church this thankful to be part of a church where it's okay to attend "as you are" which makes it acceptable to not have to "dress up" so we can ride our bike to church.  We take full advantage of that many times over the summer months.

I love when soybeans are blowing in the wind and you can see the silver underside of their leaves.  So pretty to see the whole field waving in the breeze.

Corn the Midwest there are many back roads that feel like they're more narrow this time of year as there is corn on both sides.  I like riding through it but don't like not having as much advance notice of critters running into the road in front of you. 

We've had a number of crop dusters over the house in the last week spraying corn for silk beetles and fungicide on the soybeans.  

He was a little higher in this one.  A couple of nights ago, I really felt like I almost needed to duck when he went over.  They sure are fun to watch tho.

I also hope to have news in the next day or two about a new grandbaby that is being induced tonight.  :)  And another one due in a couple of weeks.  We're exploding with babies here in the Miller family.

Happy Sunday to you!  Hope all is well in your part of the world!


  1. A Helmet camera ?!??! Too cool!

    Congratulations on 2 new babies to be, such a blessings they are.

    Take care

  2. So glad you are making progress! The corn tunnels seem really high this year - a not-from-here-friend just commented to me last week that she could tell she was in Illinois because of the tall corn. Such an exciting time with two babies coming - enjoy! ~Jeanne

  3. You need to come ride through some cotton and peanut fields! :)

  4. It's good to see your progress. It's also good to see what water can do to a state! After that terrible dry summer last year the crops are just exploding from the good rain. Gorgeous pics as always...