Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mr. O is 4!

Last Tuesday was Mr. O’s 4th birthday!  A 4th birthday is so exciting!  He’s been talking about his birthday for quite a long time. Smile

It seems like just yesterday, he was this size..

3 hours old 003

and now, he is a wonderful, loving, all-boy, all about Toy Story, Cars, trains and army men.
Owen-4 yrs 2.jpgOwen-4 yrsHe reminds us so much of his Daddy at that age.  Owen-4yrs w Dad.jpg

He’s definitely a special little guy!

Happy Birthday Mr. O!

If you could please say a prayer for him tomorrow (Monday) morning, we’d really appreciate it.  He’s having his tonsils taken out.  It’s all for the best but he’s going to be one miserable little guy for a few days.


  1. Happy birthday to Mr. O! How did that happen so fast? Will be praying. Kids bounce back quickly. He might not even remember it!

  2. He has his dad's smile. :) blessings, marlene

  3. Good luck little birthday boy on surgery tomorrow, I'm sure Grandma will have plenty of Popsicles for you!

  4. Yuck. I remember getting my tonsils out. That's so long ago I had ether! I'm sure his will go much better. He looks pretty happy with his birthday stuff and his tattoos! Please wish him a Happy Birthday for all of us!