Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You know it’s going to be a sideways kind of day when…

your computer monitor does this.


and no this isn’t an optical illusion or a photo that has been turned the wrong way.  I went to put a parenthesis into an email and wallah, everything went sideways.  Apparently I hit some kind of hot key sequence.

However, there is beauty of working in the technology division.  I hollered down the hall, literally, it’s pre-session for summer and there is hardly anyone around.  And my personal tech support at work aka our Information Technology instructor came running and fixed it with a few quick key strokes.

The moral of the story is…make sure you’re really hitting the shift & 9 key when you want a parenthesis or you too might have a sideways day like mine.


  1. Ack! and LOL!! all in one!!

    Glad help arrived quickly. OR... maybe you should have just said you had to go home at this point. :)

  2. Those parentheses will get you every time!

  3. Oh My! I think that's grounds for a sick day or a pay raise (I may be a bit partial for you though!)

  4. That's as bad as being thown a curve in your day!
    Thank goodness for tech support!

  5. Thank heaven for people who understand and love technology!

  6. One of my pics ended up like that on my blog yesterday and I never could straighten it up. I had to ask everyone who read to tilt their heads to see it. No pride here!