Monday, October 12, 2009

See this? It's just not right!

See this? What is wrong with this picture? Can you see the little white flecks? This is not supposed to be happening yet! Can I get a witness someone?
It's that dirty four letter "s" word -- SNOW!

At least it didn't last long and the ground is too warm for it to stick but it's still seems way too early to even have it in the air.

We've had a cooler and wetter than usual summer, just a few nice warm fall days but it sure feels like the end of November instead of early October. Most crops around the area are behind in drying and weather like the cold and damp that we've had lately is not helping.

Ahhh, but soon, very soon this will be a incredibly busy place.

Stay safe guys(and girls)! Happy harvest to ya!

1 comment:

  1. Relatives in Cedar Falls, Iowa have had flakes, and Orange City, Iowa had snow today. It melted by noon, but the photos I received were pretty neat.. way too early for snow that's for sure!!