Monday, May 18, 2009

Now grow, darn it!

I was finally able to get out and dig in the dirt this last weekend.

There aren't many things more satisfying for me than planting flowers in the Spring. As I'm planting, I see these beautiful "magazine style" planters in my mind. Some years I achieve something close and other years unfortunately not so much.

Of course, I could buy these gorgeous planters from the greenhouse that are already put together but I'm too cheap for that.
So instead, I plant and water and fertilize and hope.

Now, grow darn it!


  1. I'm the same way Lori - I buy small plants and watch them grow. The big already-put-together baskets are gorgeous and I'd love them....if they were less expensive! blessings, marlene

  2. I do the same thing - I always have ideas in my mind and it's more creative to do it yourself, right? Unless they die, that is.

  3. Beautiful! I have faith they will grow, and be more beautiful than they already are!

  4. Oh i love the last picture! It's right up my ally!