Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's all about perspective

The snow we mostly see as a pain in the backside, our New Orleans friends see as a great adventure.

Pastor Teresa learning the ins and outs of tractor driving from Dan(above) and Pastor Larry(below).

Suzanne on a Suzue (pronounced Suzy) tractor. How appropriate is that?

Pastor Teresa making her long awaited snow angel.

Isn't most everything in life about perspective? We can choose to see anything that come our way as a pain or an adventure, as a blessing or a curse, as the glass half-full or half-empty.

What do you typically choose to do?


  1. Yes.... and life is much more joyful when the glass is seen as half full. The snow looks like fun to me!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Hi Lori. You had asked if I could do a tutorial on how to do a video.... I use all Apple products, an iMac computer and Apple software products.... if you use the same, then I can help you with the video, but if you use Window products I cannot. The first thing anyone needs is of course movie software.... mine for the iMac is the iLife application iMovie.

    Once you have movie making software for your computer you make the movie and load it online to YouTube.

    I know this is vague information, but I'm not sure what kind of computer you use.


    The Blue Ridge Gal