Monday, December 22, 2008

Welcome to northern Illinois

A beautiful sunset one day

and frigid, blowing snow the next.

notice I didn 't venture much past the doorway to take the pictures. Brrr!


  1. It's frigid in Virginia today too! Not a drop of snow, but in the teens with wind chill much lower. Not sure this old gal will venture out today or not. A good day to find a blankie and stay under it with a warm cup of coffee close at hand.

  2. We had white out conditions yesterday when the Farmer insisted on doing some Christmas shopping. It looked pretty much the same as you have pictured. The north-south roads are the worst for drifitng shut.

    Keep warm.


  3. It's cold here but no white stuff - and I only got out for a little while but I didn't like it! blessings, marlene

  4. Brrrr! It's cold here today too. I about froze my fingers off just driving home from work, then I chipped the packed snow from under the garage door, and froze them again! How do people like the mailmen/women survive, and those who work outside?

    Are you off for Christmas vacation, or are you still working this week?