Monday, December 22, 2008

Four days to go

and I'm not referring to Christmas.

We are taking two volunteer teams back to New Orleans leaving this Friday morning 12/26. We will be focusing on construction projects. Our church partners with His Hands 2 Go in New Orleans for these projects. There are 24 volunteers for Week One, who will return on Jan 3. Fourteen of return home and 15 more come in. Ten, including the four of us leaders will be staying the full two weeks.

If you would like to follow our trip, jump on over to the trip blog at

We are going to attempt to post everyday with the exception of travel days. We will post the days activities, photos and prayer requests as they arise.

For now, though it's time to get some sleep as tomorrow is a "packing" day for me. We not only pack our personal belongings, but we also take tools and cooking essentials. You would think the more trips we take the easier the packing would be, but not so much. Could it be that with each trip, I'm a little older as well? Naw, can't be, can it? I need to blame the brain fog on something. It might as well be my age!


  1. Thanks Lori. I will definately be following you in blogland, prayer and spirit. God bless you all. God is so proud of you!

  2. Oh my! Hope the weather is good while you are there. And what a wonderful gift you are giving someone!

  3. I'll be following you with prayers Lori. blessings, marlene