Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall is here!

We’re starting to get a few glimpses of Fall here in Northwest Illinois.  It really hasn’t felt like Fall as we’ve had warmer than typical temps and much sun.  Today, it was sunny and cool in the 50’s.  We love riding in the Fall so we bundled up a bit and off we went.  When we left for our ride, the sun was out but 3 hours later, the clouds had rolled in and it got flat cold.  A bowl of hot soup and a cup of hot tea and I’ve still not warmed up! 
A few scenes from today’s ride…IMG_1948_edited

I love seeing the sumac when it turns in the fall – such a pretty red.


Some trees are turning but we are far from most of them yet.


Corn and beans are ready for harvest.  Many farmers are already at it but we didn’t see much corn out of the fields just yet.


We took a spin through a local park. Well, to be honest, we stopped to use their facilities…shhh!  When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Winking smile


I’ve always liked the Adirondack chairs outside of their lodge.  Today the only thing sitting in them were piles of pine needles.  A bit too cold to lounge outside I guess.


I read this morning that due to the warm spell we’ve had the last couple of weeks, that our leaves won’t be very vibrant this fall.  The Maples that had fallen here look pretty bright red to me.


We’re hoping to see more fall colors when we head to the mountains the end of this week.  I can’t wait.  We both feel long overdue for a relaxed few days away.  Not sure what our service will be like at the cabin we’re staying in but if I’m able I might post a few pictures or I might just throw technology out the window and truly unplug, which would be Much easier said than done for me.  Happy Fall Y’all!


  1. Beautiful drive! I would suggest completely unplugging - it's always so relaxing to do so!

  2. You've picked a wonderful time of year to go to the mountains. The color there will be beautiful for sure. Looking forward to a gettogether when you return and some pictures of your trip. Cold and rainy here too.

  3. Have fun! If it's the Smokies you're going to, I hope they open back up for you!