Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sure signs

Sure signs fall is around the corner. ...

Foggy mornings

Fall decorations inside the house

and out

corn and beans drying down

and just a glimmer of the changing leaves

Autumn is by far my favorite season.

I just winter wasn't around the next corner.


  1. Hey, let's not even think about that right now! You have some very nice decorations. Love the Happy Autumn sign. We got a cold rain today and it really felt like Fall.
    Thank goodness we have a little time before we have to put all this up and drag out the tree!

  2. Yep, looks like fall. Your decorations are beautiful. Have a great week and be blessed,

  3. Soooo thankful summer is almost gone. I love the fall too and wish it could be fall year round. Time to drag my fall decor out of the closets too!!


  4. Great pictures Lori...we're in Colorado and you should see the Aspens. So beautiful and a sure sign of fall. blessings, marlene