Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Utter random-ness

I warned you in a previous post that I had all of these thoughts running through my head but couldn't organize them and get it on the screen. I thought I'd share some of those bits and pieces with you anyway.

Spring is finally starting to show up around here. These lilies are on the south side of the house so they always come up first. You can disregard the corn burner exhaust pipe sticking out of the house. It's not quite springtime warm enough to remove it yet.

There is nothing sweeter than the giggles of a 2 year old and a pair of dollar store play high heels!

I am so excited about my new toy. This past October, I had been at my workplace for 10 years. For the ten year service award, they let you pick your own gift. I so much prefer that than getting a Highland whatever. For my five year, I got a Highland pocket knife. It was that or a necklace with the logo. I gladly took the pocket knife. Anyway, this time around I chose an gift certificate. I wanted to get something that would remind me of the years of employment but that I probably wouldn't just go buy for myself.
My new MP3 player and docking station came the other day. I love it! We already had one player which we use on the motorcycle but it has mostly music that hubs likes to listen to on it. To say that our taste in music differs would be quite the understatement. Now I can listen to my own "stuff" whenever and wherever I want. This is so cool!

We attended a housewarming party for my nephew Sunday afternoon. Is this not the most fun thing you've ever seen? How clever is that? A fruit monkey-man!

Hope y'all are having a great week!


  1. Oh I like the fruit monkey man... Very funny for a party. Someone got very creative I would say.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Who says women don't like electrical/mechanical kinds of stuff. The gift I selected was a HUGE flashlight. Weird, huh?

    I currently have blog block, too.

  3. My lilies are up too Lori, just about like yours. Mine are planted under a tree and don't get a lot of sun so they are always late blooming. Love the high heels! blessings, marlene

  4. It's beginning to look a lot like spring at your house! I still have the sleds and winter stuff on the front porch. I think I better get with the program!

    Little girl giggles are the best!

    You will love your ipod. Louie and I both have our own. I have to say they are a great product. We have both had ours a very long time, in fact, they are version 4, so several years old. We do like a lot of the same music, and while we are the Honda, we listen to Louie's ipod, unless his needs charing, then we listen to mine, which has some different stuff. Mine has more Christian than his, and his has more country than mine.

    For my 5 years. I got a necklace with some kind of simulated pink 'stone'--aka glass. Somehow, it got a thumbprint tarnished on it, and I never wore it. The guys got a knife. After that we could choose from a catalog. Now, we don't get anything. We have changed owners so much, I'm surprised our seniority even means anything.

    The fruit looks wonderful! Pass it over here, will ya?///

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.
    Be blessed,
    Michelle and Louie

  5. Love the flowers by the wagon wheel. We had snow earlier this week, so it will still be a little while before ours bloom. The fruit man is too cute.

  6. Hi Lori! Thank you for stopping by my blog : )

    My girls would love that fruit monkey! lol! Honest to goodness they would think it's so funny! Not to mention they love a good fruit salad. After the long winter we've had, and all the sweets that go with it, I think we could all use some fruit salad!

    Your granddaughter is too cute. It doesn't take much to please the little ones : )

    Congrats on your gift! Wish they had offered my hubby a Amazon gift cert. for his 20th but that didn't happen. Instead he had to choose from a booklet. Enjoy!