Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter is good for one thing..

Sunsets! There isn't much that beats a winter sunset. There is just something about the contrast between the white ground and the colors of a sunset, isn't there?

I'm baaaaccckkkk!

It feels like I have been away from blogging for an eternity. Between the holidays, a two week mission trip to New Orleans(check out the trip blog) and the startup of our campus Spring semester time has been at an incredible premium in the last month. I'm hoping it's now settling down to a dull roar. Time to hole up in the house in front of the corn burner and relax a little.

While at the doctor today (for a sinus infection I seem to have brought home from New Orleans), I mentioned to him a concern I have of the forgetfulness and inability to focus I've experienced lately.

After discussion about what has been going on in my life recently. His very eloquent $80 answer was "stop trying to juggle so many balls at once." How does one start dropping those balls out of the sequence? I've tried before somewhat sucessfully but then it seems I go back and pick them up again. Kind of like giving my concerns and worries to God...I lay them at His feet and then go grab them back again!
Does anyone else have trouble with this? What's your solution? What have you to backed away from recently?

Here's to the rest of the winter and dropping some of those balls! I'm really going to do it this time, really I am. Well, at least for a while.


  1. Welcome Back! Look forward to more posts soon.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Lori I think you and I are living parallel lives! I feel the same way - juggling too many balls and all the balls feel so important that I can't pick one to drop. :( I used to attend 5 sewing groups a month and I've cut that to 2, sometimes 3. I've finished one of my Bible studies but I am in another one that won't be over till April. I could go on and on but you're living the same life so you know. I don't have a solution but if you find one, please let me know! blessings, marlene

  3. I like your new look! Hey, I can't focus like a used to either. I think it's a shift in priorities and maybe hormones, too.

  4. I think the forgetfulness and inabilty to focus are caused by aging. (I'm not saying that you are aging but I am!) I thought retirement might help - it didn't! It's just that the balls I'm juggling now are mostly ALL by choice. So much to do and so little time...